LegacyENDO originated from a thinktank that has been questioning the rol of the so called ‘Big Endo’. How many times haven’t we been forced to choose for example a new endodontic file system, where the old system didn’t show any problems? The pace at which new file systems enters the dental market is significant and the average end-user is troubleing to keep up with all the new innovations. Is this the result of intensive marketing or are these new systems really better than before?
In any case, they won’t get any cheaper...

Who is behind LegacyENDO

The driving force behind the LegacyENDO files is D&S Dental, an abbreviation of Derek (Heath) & Steve (Treadway) Dental. With more than 30 years of experience, this American manufacturer of endodontic files is producing for all different major brands in the endodontic market. Derek Heath, the former owner of Quality Dental, is the creator of the use of Nickel Titanium in endodontic files. He owns multiple patents regarding these NiTi files, of which the universal, multi tapered system is used all over the world.
In 1995 Quality Dental Products merged with Tulsa Dental Products and both were purchased by Dentsply International in 1996. Until today, D&S Dental is still a major manufacturer of nickel titanium endodontic files.

High quality, affordable products

Our mission is to supply high-quality endodontic products and solutions for the daily practice, but for an affordable price. Aiming to reduce the costs, which not only benefits the practitioner, but also the patient.
Giving you the opportunity to create your own Legacy!